We believe every woman (person!) is God-designed, purpose-intended, significant, and unconditionally loved by the King of the universe. You are welcome at Replenish, no matter your age or status, and whether you think you have it all together or not. You are invited to come, rest, worship, learn, and be made whole, as we celebrate the power and greatness of Jesus.

Replenish Ladies Conference 2019

"The Promise"

This year at Replenish we continue our journey of becoming all that our Father in Heaven has called us to be. We really sense that God is wanting to awaken our awareness, to know that He is present, everyday, every moment. He is closer than our own skin. Our Father is powerful and He desires His daughters to be full of His power. Our 2019 Conference is called ‘THE PROMISE”. Based around what Jesus told His Disciples before His Ascension in Luke 24:49; “I am sending what my Father has Promised to you, So stay here, until the mighty power of Heaven equips you and wraps around you”. Our Father fulfilled His Promise and sent His Holy Spirit so that we would come to life, live by His Power and live in step with Him. God desires His Daughters, clothed in His Power, to unleash Heaven everywhere that we step foot because this world is looking for words of life, words of hope and words of truth.
We look forward to hosting you!
With love and affection,
The Replenish Team xx

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Through Compassion, we sponsor over 250 children, releasing them from poverty in Jesus name. Poverty has face. It’s a girl forced to marry because her family can’t support her. From the womb to early adulthood, we stand for children, giving those born into the toughest of circumstances the opportunities they deserve



Baby Basics is a volunteer-led project aiming to support new mothers and families who are struggling to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a new baby. Our Baby Basics team have been working tirelessly the past few months collecting and putting together hampers.


Stop Domestic Abuse

Stop Domestic Abuse are a great local charity we have chosen to support. They are an innovative and unique provider of all services to those who have been affected by domestic abuse. Their aim isn't just to help protect and work with victims, they also help perpetrators, the police and many other organisations. With their main vision being to see a world without domestic abuse. SDAS manage refuges offering support and temporary accommodation to women and children who are escaping domestic abuse.


Church isn’t just on Sundays, its about doing life together, with Christ at the centre. This takes place in a variety of forms such as weekly Life groups, Volunteer teams, Parents and Toddlers, Meals, Prayer parties and much more. Our Replenish midweek gatherings was born out of a desire to gather as Daughters of God for Worship, Teaching, Fellowship and the evening closes with refreshments. You are very welcome to join us, whether you are familiar or new to this adventure. God desires us to not just endure life, but to live it to the fullest! We are better together.



New Life Christian Church, 134 Main Road (Entrance via Thorney Road) Emsworth, Hants, PO10 8BN